About Us

The York Paddle Tennis Club was founded in 2007 by a group of local families who loved the sport and who sought an outdoor activity that would keep them moving and busy throughout the long winter.  The season typically lasts from October to April.  The club has two courts, a maintenance shed and a heated “paddle hut.”  The courts have lights for night play and heaters that melt the snow and ice from the court surface. Our facilities allow the club to play host to many different social events, offer clinics for members of all ages and ability levels, and hold round robins and events for players from other regional paddle groups.

About Paddle Tennis

If you are not familiar with the sport, Paddle Tennis, formally known as Platform Tennis, was founded in the 1930’s in Scarsdale, NY as an outdoor winter activity played on a slightly elevated court approximately half the size of a tennis court.  It is enclosed by very tightly strung chicken wire so that play continues when the ball bounces off the screen.  Scoring is very similar to tennis but with only one serve and because of the close proximity of the players, it tends to be a bit more social. Rallies are long and sometimes very amusing due to the many angles and smaller court size. It tends to be easier to learn than tennis with a shorter backswing and lot of time at net.  Most people can pick up the game and have rallies in one or two sessions and tennis, squash and racquetball players have an obvious advantage. While there are wonderful social aspects to the game, it is also great for kids – many start playing at a very early age.

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