Welcome to York Paddle Tennis Club.

If you enjoy good company and friendly competition, you will enjoy playing paddle tennis (aka platform tennis). Anyone who has played a racquet sport such as tennis, ping-pong, squash, or racquet ball will quickly pick up this sport. Paddle tennis is the one racquet sport you can play outdoors, even in snow country.

York Paddle Tennis Club is currently seeking new members. Please contact Bill Dignan for further information.


Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses. —unknown

Upcoming Play

SUN MAR 31st BRUNCH MIXER 9-12pm - Join us for a drop in brunch raffle mixer. RSVP to Judy Coupal at jcoupal@maine.rr.com 

LADIES’ NIGHT Tuesday 4:30-7pm Please contact Beth Gilbert at izzys@comcast.net

MIXED LEAGUE Wednesday 6-9pm Please contact Linda Brenske fandnmom@gmail.com

MEN’S NIGHT Thursday 6-9pm Please contact Larry Gormley Lgormley@hpgrlaw.com

Equipment Orders

Contact Chan Conrad at 603-969-1218 or chanconrad28@hotmail.com to order equipment at a discounted club rate for this season, click here to view the online catalog.


Family Membership  $495
Single Membership  $385 

Check Payable To:  York Paddle Tennis Club

Mail To: PO Box 241, York Harbor, ME 03911


Please contact Linda Brenske at fandnmom@gmail.com to find out your balance if needed.